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Democratic Voter Fraud In Illegal Hispanic Dominated Areas

The democrats keep talking about how Commibama won the 2012 election and that U.S. citizens should bow down and accept Obamacare since it’s the law of the land now and fighting it Obamacare is abamanable and a frick’in sin by republicans onto democratics since they won.

Well, in my personal opinion Commibama did not win and was only re-elected due to massive cheating in the voting booth that wasn’t addressed by republicans before hand. It’s up to us Wacky Bird Tea Partiers to address this voter fraud issue and we will. With Tea Party pressure on the republican party the republican party is just starting to get on their game and rising to the challenge thrust onto the republicans by the democrats. Screw Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich. They are clowns that bow to democratic strategy of hiding behind the nice care while lying and dumping misinformation onto the public. Along with the Clinton Global Communist initiative and the control over the media the democrats are winning. Of coarse there’s no assurance that this present push by the Tea Party will result in a win in 2014 but it will sure help break the media blockade and get the message out that, “Obamacare Isn’t Free” or even, “Low Cost”.

One big issue is voter fraud and the two biggest voter fraud scams the democrats have going in their favor is, “Tossing Mail In Votes Away and Since Thousands of Computer Programmers Are Progressive Democrats They Alter Electronic Vote Results” and voter fraud in Hispanic areas in cities and rural areas where republican monitors are rarely seen and the votes can be handily thrown away at will and illegal immigrants can cast votes in the millions. States that give illegals drivers licenses are cess pools of democratic voter fraud especially in cities that are almost all Hispanic like these cities:

The cities below show the percentage of the cities that, “ARE” Hispanic. Hialeah is first and the Hispanic population stands at 94%. The democrats can get all the illegal immigrants in this city to vote.

1. Hialeah, Florida 94.4

2. Laredo, Texas 94.3

3. Brownsville, Texas 92.5

4. McAllen, Texas 81.3

5. El Paso, Texas 80.0

6. Santa Ana, California 79.0

7. Salinas, California 72.0

8. Pomona, California 71.3

9. Downey, California 70.4

10. Oxnard, California 70.1

11. Miami, Florida 69.4

12. El Monte, California 68.6

13. Norwalk, California 68.4

14. Ontario, California 64.3

15. Fontana, California 63.1

16. San Antonio, Texas 61.2

17. Pasadena, Texas 59.2

18. Corpus Christi, Texas 58.1

Top Cities In The U.S. With The Largest Hispanic Populations

The democrats can pull millions of votes out of the illegal aliens in hipanic cities and the republicans can’t do a damn thing about it. Mitt Romney won but the democrats probably got several million votes from illegal immigrants. What happens is cities put democratic spanish speaking monitors in the voting booths and they just let the illegal aliens vote. What does everyone think about the democrats bitching about voter ID’s for. It isn’t because some lonely back road blacks can’t vote because that’s not the prize. The prize is all the illegal immigrant hispanics in the cities above and other sections of smaller cities that are all hispanic filled with illegal aliens that can walk into a voting booth without question and vote for democrats that promise them citizenship.

Obama did not win the 2012 election. Obama and the democrats cheated their way to win the 2012 election while the republicans were standing on their bucket of “LAME”. Some republicans are still to this day trying to lame their way through the republican party and want to vote with the democrats. All these “Lame” Rinos need to be voted out of office and replaced by real republicans that are on their game and have some insight to fight the fight and not just wait until the democrats lose some steam so to speak. The democrats losing some steam doesn’t get rid of the communism being inflicted onto the U.S.. The way back home is to trash these lame pubic hair republicans and get rid of them.

The Tea Party may not win this fight but I will guarantee you the Tea Party will have brought the democratic crap into the lime light more than it has been before this fight started and as the 2014 elections near the Tea Party will have a better chance due to more people being wised up because of this congressional fight. Only 1 out of 5 people in the U.S. are affected by the government shutdown and a default by the government and those affected are probably not affected greatly. The democrats will hipe this up as the U.S. falling into a pit of crap but in actuality the shut down is good because the democrats are shut down and people are trying to find the truth.

You will hear all kinds of polls about the republicans being at fault more for starting the government shutdown and it’s true, the republicans did shut the government down. Now take a poll asking people outside of hispanic areas if the republicans were right in shutting the government down. Hell, I’d give a poll answer stating the republicans shut the government down but I’d also answer another poll question asking if the republicans were correct in doing so and say, “HELL YES” the republicans were right on point shutting the government down.

The reason why I stated don’t do polls in hispanic areas is because the polls are picking up illegal aliens answers bringing the democratic numbers up. We have to keep illegal aliens out of the voting booths and from answering poll questions. If you can get true poll numbers without illegal aliens anwsers and make polling places prove the numbers aren’t taken from the thousands upon thousands of illegal alien areas in the U.S. we just might see the poll advantage go to the republicans and a bunch of snivaling democrats. The democrats thrive on the polls being in their favor because the polls sway some of the vote their way. Get illegal immigrants out of the polls and the republicans may see the real poll numbers in their favor and voter swing away from the democrats.

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Brian Sandoval Republican Govenor Is A Rino

Brian Sandoval the governor of Nevada is Rino minded in my opinion. This governor ran on a platform of “No Illegals” then when he got into office he started promoting Hispanic businesses and how the state needs more of them. Sandoval is constantly promoting the Hispanic race instead of people in poverty as a whole and that’s kinda racist focusing on one racial group. Nevada has an extreme amount of illegal aliens and the state government doesn’t want to get rid of them because they cater to large hotel unions in Las Vegas and construction companies.

Brian Sandoval is also “Pro Choice” which goes against republican beliefs. Brian Sandovals opponent in his campaign was Harry Reids son and I guess nobody wants another Reid. Harry Reid only got re-elected because the republicans chose somebody really week to run against him.

Watch out for Brian Sandoval, he supported Rick Perry in the presidential campaign and we all know Rick Perry supports open borders so illegal aliens can openly cross. Brian Sandoval wouldn’t support another republican candidate after Rick Perry dropped out of the presidential race. This says Brian Sandoval is a rino that supports illegal immigration into the U.S.

Brian Sandoval is also “Pro Choice” which goes against what the republicans stand for.

The Las Vegas Badger writes this article:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sandoval Lies, Will Raise Taxes
Republican NV Governor, Brian Sandoval just lied his ass off. He has promised he would not allow higher taxes. He lied. From the Las Vegas Sun: Gov. Brian Sandoval said Monday he will sign a bill permitting the Clark  County Commission to raise the gasoline tax. There were estimates in the Legislature that this could raise the tax about 3  cents per gallon starting in January. The governor confirmed his decision after the state Board of Transportation  was informed that the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada  would contribute $31.5 million from the increased tax to the state to help it  build its portion of the Boulder City bypass. The state estimates it will cost $150 million to build its share of the  Boulder City bypass. It has already started acquiring rights of way. The bill allows the Clark County Commission to approve by a two-thirds vote  raising the tax for three years. During the 2016 election, voters would decide  whether the tax should continue to be levied. Malfabon said the same tax system is used in Washoe County. The bill passed the Assembly 34-7 and the Senate 17-3. Supporters say the bill would raise money for needed road repairs and create  jobs.


Immigration Plan That Favors U.S. Citizens Over Big Business, Government & Immigrants

Immigration Plan That Favors U.S. Citizens Over Big Business, Government & Immigrants

Creating an immigration program that favors U.S. citizens being comfortable in their own job market is the way to go.

Creating the immigration program that keeps a 5% demand for employees in the jobs marketplace would increase wages to U.S. citizens through demand for employees, flood the U.S. treasury with more money due to low unemployment and higher wages, give U.S. citizens the opportunity to jump form job to job until they find employment they are pleased with.

Legal immigrants could only fill jobs that can’t be filled by U.S. citizens after employers made a reasonable attempt to find U.S. citizen employees at a fair wage. Legal immigrants would have to exit the U.S. before their work visas expired. No immigrants on travel visas would be allowed to work.

Employer demand for employees would be kept at 5%. If demand went up to 6% more work visas would be issued. If demand went down to 5% the government would stop handing out work visas.

ESTIMATING EMPLOYER DEMAND: That would have to be worked out. One way would be to compile the employer requests for employees from the state employment agencies. Another would be to anaylize the requests for unemployment benefits. Boxes could be added to the employers quarterly tax payments that they could enter the number of employees hired, quit or fired and expected positions going to be open during the following quarter. All of these functions could be combined so an estimated demand could be calulated with a margin of error. Other functions can and will be created to add to the estimated demand. It would work out well once implemented. Immigrants that are pregnant would not be issued work visas and the husband would be denied also.

ILLEGAL ALIEN REMOVAL Illegal Aliens would be given 1 year to come forward and apply for a 2 year work visa. After 1 year work place enforcement would begin and employers would be required to use E-Verify to ensure all their employees were legal to work in the U.S.. The illegal immigrants would have 2 years from the date they received their work visa to exit the U.S. and employers would be required to end their employment when the work visas expired. In this 3 year time period new immigrants would be issued work visas for a 3 to 4 year period under the new plan to replace the exiting immigrants that came into the U.S. illegally. New immigrants would be screened for pregnacy and criminal activity by the border patrol and not the INS. Women and their boyfriend/husbands would have to show up for a visual pregancy inspection every 3 months at a border
patrol or ICE office that would be located all over the U.S. in federal
buildings and send home if pregnant or have been involved in criminal activity.

No shows would be tracked down and deported on the spot. The border patrol would be put in charge of keeping track of immigrants on work visas and ICE would do work place enforcement. The INS would just screen immgrants wanting to become U.S. citizens legally.

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The Real Illegal Immigration Numbers Not Told To U.S. Citizens

DUMB REPUBLICAN ANTICS :( Giving amnesty and citizenship to 25 million illegal aliens that are for democratic socialism in the U.S. in an effort to gain 10% of the 70% of Hispanics that voted for the democrats.

Here’s the web site that is actually counting the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. . As believed by most U.S. citizens the number is almost 25 million.

Immigration Counters For Real Time Illegal Alien Satistics In The U.S.

Percentages Of Illegal Hispanics In U.S. Cities That Are Mostly Illegal Aliens

75% Of Hispanics Favor Bigger Role for Government

75% Of Hispanics Favor Bigger Role for Government

When it comes to the size of government, Hispanics are more likely than the general public to say they would rather have a bigger government which provides more services than a smaller government which provides fewer services.

Some 75% of Hispanics hold this view; just 19% say they prefer a smaller government. By contrast, just 41% of the public at large voice support for a bigger government.

Support for a larger government is highest among immigrant Latinos, with 81% holding this view. This share falls to 72% among second-generation Hispanics and 58% among third-generation Hispanics.

75Three-quarters of U.S. Hispanics prefer a big government which provides more services to a small one providing fewer services. This figure is significally lower among the public at large.
The “Boob” republicans have been chasing the hispanic vote over the U.S. citizen vote for several years and this article produced by a hispanic organization states the truth that the hispanics won’t vote for republicans and are socialists. All of our republicans representatives need to get the boot and replaced by conservatives that will quit being frick’in idiots and bending over to the democrats. “Win or Lose!”.

Immigration, Another Truth

Enforcement has to be at the top of the list. Then a message has to be sent to foreigners to come to the U.S. legally or stay in your own country. In my opinion the message that has to be sent is sending all the illegals here now back home and making foreign countries take their people back. Make the illegals go home on their own so foreign governments are not encouraged to promote the immigration of their own people out of their country.

Mexicos unemployment rate is at 4% because they promote immigration to the U.S.. Can you believe mexico has a much lower unemployment rate than the U.S. in the middle of an economic depression? This is because they get rid of the people which lowers their welfare payouts and proverty. If you got rid of all the mexican nationals in the U.S. at this time mexicos unemployment rate would increase to 14% and the U.S. unemployment rate would decrease to 4%. Even though most of the jobs would be manual labor jobs employeed gardeners make $10 to $12 dollars an hour with experiance and gardening contrators make $40 to $60 dollars an hour with the employees. With the increase in manual labor jobs comes incomes for U.S. citizens that will spend the incomes creating higher level positions creating products that the lower income people need.

Get rid of the immigrants and the economy will take off within one or two years. “True!”.

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